Lochnagar Commemorative Plaques

For a donation of £25 or €30 you can support Lochnagar by Sponsoring an engraved Commemorative Plaque.

These emotive faux-brass Commemorative Plaques pay tribute to a generation of men and women, whether they died or survived, and have become an important feature, highlighting the terrible impact of a war suffered by all nations and all walks of life.


For more information contact plaques@lochnagarcrater.org

Order Form

For a donation of £25 or €30 you can support Lochnagar by Sponsoring an engraved Commemorative Plaque.

To order your personalised Lochnagar Commemorative Plaque please complete the form below and then make your sponsorship donation using the dedicated PayPal Plaque Sponsorship button or via BACS etc.

Your donation can be made via Paypal, bank or credit card, or by bank transfer to ‘The Lochnagar Crater Foundation’ Sort code 23-05-80, account number 27092098, IBAN GB45MYMB23058027092098, Swift Ref: MYMBGB2L For those wishing to sponsor more than one Lochnagar Commemorative Plaque please repeat the process.

Each Lochnagar Commemorative Plaque measures 80mm x 50mm and is made from acrylic faux-brass. They are generally fitted three times a year.

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    After submitting plaque details to be engraved, please make separate donation using the dedicated ‘Plaque Payment’ and ‘Voluntary donation’ buttons below. You can pay with a credit card without registering for a PayPal account.

    If you are having issues with the form above, please email plaques@lochnagarcrater.org with all your details.
    Now please make sponsorship payment using the buttons below:

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    Additional voluntary donations help towards the long-term survival of Lochnagar Crater

    You will be contacted by The Plaque Team with confirmation within three weeks. For more information contact plaques@lochnagarcrater.org
    The Lochnagar Crater Foundation, as administrators of this fundraising scheme, will use your details solely to keep you informed about your Commemorative Plaque and they will not be passed to anyone else. If within three years of installation, the Commemorative Plaque shows undue wear and tear, excluding through deliberate acts of vandalism or theft, it will be replaced free of charge.