Ideally photos will be in focus, properly exposed and relevant to the crater, it's history, and/or the Friends. All photos submitted will be considered for inclusion, but there is no guarantee that all will be included - after all we don't want many virtually identical photos in the album. Photos sent may be digitally enhanced to try to correct the effects of fading and aging. Unfortunately individual photos cannot be credited with the details of the donor, photographer etc.

It is important that all images have a valid and meaningful file name, as this will be the caption in the photo album, but please avoid using punctuation marks and foreign characters.

The name should include a year if known (e.g. '2006 Bramble clearing party.jpg' is good, 'IMG_1069.jpg' is not). The (unedited) file name, less any suffix, will automatically appear under the image on the web album page and can be up to 60 characters long including spaces (longer file names will automatically be truncated to the first 60 characters). (Tip:- Its easier for people to read if the file name is in mixed upper and lower case and not all in capitals).

The preferred image type is .jpg, but .gif. and .tiff can be handled. Generally speaking postcard size images (640 x480 pixels) are fine but all images on the current photo album are automatically adjusted to 400pixels high by 75dpi.

If you do not know how to rename a file, or how to use image editing software then send the images anyway but please make sure to include a list of the current file names and what they should be changed to.

Images may be cropped and resized as appropriate.

Please email your images to (Tip: If you try to email too many files at the same time they may not get through due to limits set by different internet service providers so it's best to send them in batches with each batch containing no more than say 8 or 9 megabytes in total)
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