Everlasting life

Age 10 (8.8 .2005)

Will I stagger through another day or will this be my last?

Will I wake tomorrow or is my existence in the past?

When I go up over the top, how long for will I run?

But the only thing I want to see is the rising sun.

When I advance on the Germans, will I be emphatic

Or will my life be pattered out by a semi-automatic?

Why do people shout; why do they fight?

Where Is the heart the peace may ignite?

I give the world my life: I give the world this day

The deathly spray of bullets which took my life away.

Cian Kirke

Market Harborough C of E Academy, Fairfield Road,
Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9QH
01858 464112