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12th Royal Scots Lewis Gunners In Gas Masks 25-06-1918
15 Inch Howitzer Base Riveting
15 inch howitzer
15in howitzer Menin Rd 5 October 1917
55-verdun-sur-meuse-rue Saint-pierre Bombardements 1916
60 Pounder and Team Awm
6cwt Aa Gun Field Artillery Journal Jan-mar 1917
9 2 Inch Howitzer Christmas Message
9 2inch Railwaygunmkxiiicamouflagedinaction
9cwt Aa Guns Montauban 1916
A 9 2 inch gun in action
A German Band Playing On The March During The War
A German Saw-edge Bayonet In Actual Use In The War When The German Flag Was Planted On A Captured Position
A Hollow Square Of Wreckage  - The Remains Of A German Motor-transport Convoy Grouped Round The Soldiers Grave.
A Hot Shower-bath Establishment Installed By An Ingenious French Engineer
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